The best of Town Markets in Phuket

Phuket is quite known for its amazing sites, and places that are absolutely worth watching. What is even more fascinating out there is, numerous town mark

Phuket is quite known for its amazing sites, and places that are absolutely worth watching. What is even more fascinating out there is, numerous town markets which hold lot of great stuff which you can easily buy for yourself and your loved ones. Let’s have a look at these amazing markets:

Weekend Markets in Phuket:

On a rough basis the weekend markets of Phuket are merely divided into two sections, covered and opened. All the second hand items are found here in the covered markets, you will for sure find some of the coolest selections of jeans, t shirts, enormously, all the casual clothing’s will be available here, apart from that you can also pick up some of the great tourist souvenirs, and some of the most gorgeous religious images. Once you step out of the new section you will reach up to stalls wherein you can find cute and adorable fluffy toys, different mobile phones, CD’S, shoes, bags, accessories and watches.

To the right hand corner of the main entrance of this market, you will find an amazing food court wherein you will get some of the most delicious bites of lip smacking foodstuff. Fishcakes, sausages, grilled chicken, spicy sausages and a lot more is what is available there for you to relish.

Karon Temple Markets at Phuket:

Temples grounds located in Karon are turned out to be extremely blissful markets, that too only on Tuesday and Saturday afternoon and night. What you can easily find in this market is, some of the great toys, delicious food, interesting books, gorgeous make up, and a lot of other toys as well. If you are on your scooter or bike then you don’t really have to worry about the parking it right beneath will be great.

Rawai Market:

You can visit Rawai Market on Thursday’s; it encompasses approximately hundred stalls wherein you can find good clothes and awesome food, which for sure is worth trying. This market starts at 4 pm and lasts till 10 pm, people who have already visited there usually say, that if you are passing by this market, then it is surely worth giving a shot.

Kamala Markets:

There is not one, but two Kamala Markets available in Phuket. The first one is Fantasea Market which is held just opposite the Fantasea Ground located towards the north end of Kamala. The best part about this market is that it keep getting huge and huge on a weekly basis, so you can imagine yourself getting a huge variety of different things out there. The other market is held especially on a Wednesday night, going down the hill and entering into Kamala from Patong.

These are some of the markets people always like to visit when they are in Phuket. In case you are planning to spend your vacations in Phuket this time, then this is the best what you can do, visit these wonderful markets and shop some great stuff there.  

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